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Pramod Rao, CEO of Nexshore Technologies spoke in the Kick-off Meeting of China ONE Record #onerecord Focus Group led by International Air Transport Association (IATA) held on Apr / 14 / 2021 in Beijing and shared live experiences about ONE Record pilots with the participants. IATA kicked off the very first focus group in China on ONE Record and held a daylong session for members comprising Air China Cargo Cathay Pacific Airways , Cainiao Network, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines , ICCS — International Cargo Centre Shenzhen, Aviation Logistics Development Company of Shanghai Airport Authority amongst others.

Orlando, FL — April/01/2021: Nexshore adds new product variant to cater to large enterprises. Nexshore announces the availability of server licenses for it’s OneRecord by Nexshore product. Servers can be leased or purchased, with optional hosting.

Pramod Rao, CEO Nexshore sees this demand as a logical next step “Large enterprises seeking to integrate their worldwide networks are looking for private solutions to manage in-house instead of onboarding a public SaaS. Recognizing this market dynamic early has enabled us to create a product where a server can be licensed with optional hosting.”

Monty Clark, President Nexshore adds “Additionally, we’ve created a…

The successful delivery of Air Cargo relies on tight integration within the supply chain. Freight Forwarders need to establish connections to Airlines, Other Freight Forwarders and sometimes with Ground Handlers to ensure smooth flow of cargo in high volumes.

OneRecord by Nexshore solves this by what we’ve called NORD — Nexshore One Record Directory, a high availability service that comes packaged in the SaaS — which ensures all users (Airlines, Ground Handlers or Freight Forwarders) can easily search NORD using keywords such as : Name, Location, Station, IATA Agent code, email addresses, IATA 2 character Airline code, anything else…

ORLANDO, FL, March 22, 2021 — Nexshore has enhanced its product offering — OneRecord by Nexshore — to include round trip, bidirectional, operational communications with Airlines. Launched as a “Track and Trace” system early this month, Nexshore has signed global alliances to submit Air waybills and House waybills to over 90+ % of Airlines in the world, simplifying the entire process to a few clicks. To ensure confirmation messages are received, OneRecord by Nexshore receives acknowledgment messages to ensure that the data has been successfully communicated to Airlines. …

ORLANDO, FL, February 22, 2021 — Nexshore today announced the latest innovation in Air Cargo data sharing technology — OneRecord by Nexshore SaaS. With OneRecord by Nexshore, the classical methods of sharing Air Cargo data through CargoIMP or CargoXML messages are now replaced by sharing OneRecord logistics objects which will slash transmission costs, accelerate communication, and enable the adoption of modern web standards that can help you grow revenues and offer superior customer experiences.

“OneRecord is the most important technology developed for the Air Cargo industry in decades. Sharing data on a modern web platform is the most powerful feature…


Air Cargo Management based on the IATA ONE Record platform #OneRecordbyNexshore — SaaS, on-premise or licensed servers

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