IATA releases the definitive industry white paper on ONE Record with a call to action

In this definitive Industry #whitepaper on #onerecord #apis, Andra Blaj at #iata explains how #aircargo #logistics can bridge into and form the world’s largest logistics network spanning road, air and ocean in a completely transparent, secure and permission based environment on the web.

Pramod Rao, CEO of Nexshore Technologies as the first and only provider of a #saas product based on the IATA ONE Record specifications, has been quoted in the White Paper — “ONE Record brings a welcome shift in the way the Air Cargo industry is aligning itself to leverage the ubiquity of the internet. The transformative capabilities of data sharing with ontologies and interactive cargo with IoT integration makes it an immensely powerful platform for the industry to address exciting new markets in e commerce, pharma, perishables, live animal shipping to name a few. ONE Record is “always on” like the internet and will open new ways of doing business compared to traditional systems that rely solely on messaging.”

Nexshore Technologies congratulations the IATA ONE Record team for this brilliant #initiative of incubating The Internet of Logistics and opening up our industry to #digitalization in the true of the word. Download the White Paper: https://bit.ly/3v6EuMT

Nexshore Product Team



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